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Sciatica Pain Relief

Chiropractic care is a natural, safe, and

effective treatment for the relief of sciatica.

Dr. Norris uses a State-of-the-art approach to correcting spinal misalignments that are causing the sciatic pain, gently and effectively getting you better results in less time.

Sciatica is an extremely common condition. Nearly everyone suffers from the occasional low back pain at some point in their life and it is often accompanied by sciatica symptoms which are described as shooting or burning pain down the back of one or both legs, past the knee, and typically into the foot. However many people suffer from weekly or even daily sciatica symptoms that are not resolving on their own, sometimes even when their is no back pain either.


Sciatica can be very distracting, and even debilitating, halting all daily activities including work. People also often feel hopeless as it seems like exercise and activity often aggravate the sciatica symptoms and only make your quality of life worse and worse.


Dr. Norris has helped hundreds of acute and chronic sciatica sufferers get out of pain with his unique approach. Before working with him most sciatica sufferers have felt like there was little to no hope and that they will "always have sciatica because they just have a bad back." This is not true!

What our patients find is that with Dr. Norris's gentle and specific adjustments to the spine, he can correct the misalignments that are creating irritation to the spinal nerve roots and sciatic nerve. The results are typically quick, and long-lasting with no medications required! 


Whether you've had sciatica for a few weeks or a few decades, Dr. Norris can help you with his expert sciatica treatment aided by advanced diagnostic testing to find the root cause of the problem while utilizing his gentle approach to correct the problem at the source. If he finds that he can't correct the cause problem himself, he'll work with you to find the best solution for your condition.  

Dr. Norris' approach focuses on removing neurological interference caused by spinal misalignments, therefore, optimizing your healing potential. The benefits of his approach are not limited to pain relief, but oftentimes patients notice they sleep better, have more energy, better focus, and more enthusiasm for their favorite activities again!

Dr. Norris created this video to show some common stretches to help with Sciatica from home. Give them a try!

Causes of Sciatica

While sciatica is always painful and discomforting, the causes can range from very simple to very complex. In the vast majority of cases, Dr. Norris finds sciatica is caused by twisting or shifting of the pelvis and lumbar spine, or bulging or herniated discs.  This can also cause tight and tender muscles in the glutes, hips, and legs, however, it is distinctly different from what is called Piriformis Syndrome. 

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is a condition in which the piriformis muscles tightens around the sciatic nerve and cause intense pain in the gluteus region and typically down to the knee, but classically stops there and does not go further towards the toes. Simple gluteus, hamstring, and piriformis stretches often are enough alone to get rid of the symptoms (if you haven't already check out the video above where Dr. Norris goes over the stretches in detail). If the stretches are helping temporarily and the pain is coming back without much progress then you need to have the alignment of your spine assessed as well as the health of the discs. 

Again most people will get low back pain and a tight piriformis at some point, that's life!

The real problem is when sciatica becomes chronic, and then debilitating. Many people let it happen slowly, but surely sciatica begins to control your life. Often times Dr. Norris also finds that there is a history of trauma to the spine, as well as regular 'micro-traumas'


Micro-traumas are everyday activities such as sitting at a desk or driving for long periods of time, carrying a heavy briefcase or handbag on the same shoulder day after day, or very commonly extensive cell-phone usage leading to loss of cervical lordosis AKA Text Neck or Tech Neck. In fact, Dr. Norris finds is that most people who are suffering from spinal pain and stiffness are experiencing it because of micro-traumas, leading to text-neck, not major traumas or accidents.

Text Neck AKA Tech Neck

The technical term is Loss of Cervical Lordosis but it is often called Military Neck, Cervical Kyphosis, Text Neck, or Tech Neck. Loss of cervical lordosis used it to be known to be primarily caused by whiplash injuries but is now know for chronic cell phone, videogame or computer use, hence the term 'text' or 'tech' neck.  This can actually lead to sciatica because of the tension (research shows a stretch of the spinal cord of 5-7 cm with cervical curve loss) placed on the entire spinal cord, causing a tractioning of the nerves in the lower spine. 

Dr. Norris is always amazed to see the generational differences in people's spines, those that grew up with 'technology' and those who didn't. In fact, Dr. Norris, unfortunately, finds that most people younger than Generation X have partial if not full loss of cervical curve, and in most cases no history of trauma. It is because of this that he has made it his mission in practice to be able to help correct this condition to help save as many people as possible from a life of pain, suffering, drugs, and surgery. 

Tech Neck can lead to a lifetime of spinal health problems. Starting with poor posture, but eventually leading to stiff and tender muscles, muscle spasms, spinal pain, numbness and tingling, sciatica, tension headaches, migraines, and much more as it starts to negatively impact the autonomic nervous system, which controls all the organ systems in your body. Dr. Norris assesses your Autonomic Nervous System function on your initial evaluation and before every gentle adjustment. This neurologically-based approach makes him very different than most other Chiropractors.


Sciatica Treatment

There are many reliable forms of sciatica treatment and most of our patients have tried just about everything before they find us. This is unfortunate because most healthcare practitioners just chase the pain, which is what makes Dr. Norris different. Not that he doesn't care about how you feel and that you are feeling progressively better under his care, but what he finds is that if you correct the root cause of the problem at the source then all the other conditions start to resolve themselves. This is because above all else, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, especially under the right conditions. 

Add Dr. Norris's advanced approach to spinal care to that innate healing potential and we've got a recipe for success! Dr. Norris finds that once starting with a patient is is only a matter of TIME before that start doing the activities they love and living their happiest, healthiest, best lives!

Dr. Norris is certified in the two most advanced techniques in Chiropractic as well as being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He uses this unique background to provide a combination of gentle adjustments, spinal strengthening and stabilizing exercises, spinal stretches and mobilizations, and more.

Let us help you make your need for Sciatica pain relief a thing of the past!

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