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Think Right

"Think Right" is our October theme and starting challenge for the last 90 day challenge.

Earlier this year during a team meeting where we were planning our themes and events for the upcoming Fall, Shannon came up with an amazing idea, to do a Last 90 Day Challenge with our Practice Members. Our inspiration was peoples poor holiday habits and choices with the usual health BUST during the holidays, and pitiful attempt at a New Year resolution. I thought it was a fantastic idea and as a team Shannon, Stephanie and myself developed what we think is quite the well-rounded health and wellness initiative to finish off 2019 with a BANG!

This typical self-sacrifice of health during the holiday season is unfortunately a side effect of our culture around that time of year and everyone participates in it to some degree, even me. While many people consider it the most joyful time of year, many consider it the most stressful as well. Probably another reason why we eat too much, spend too much, and move too little during the holidays. However, our awareness of what we are eating, how much we are eating, how stressed we are, and even how happy we are can bring a real ease and peace of mind.

Our Think Right challenge is helping our community focus more on their mental wellbeing. What that looks like is up to the participant. Some people pray more, have a buddy that is a good listener, mediate regularly, practice calming breathing techniques, etc. There are so many ways that are proven to be beneficial to your mental wellbeing, the toughest part is doing them consistently. Mental wellbeing is probably the most overlooked (other then the spine) aspect of your health.

Is your cup full or empty?

All of us face stress and adversities in our everyday work and home life. I always say it’s how you handle the stress that’s the problem, not the stress itself (with exceptions of course). Through athletics, graduate school, starting my own business, having a baby, I have had my fair share of stress and I have had to find outlets to relieve the pressure or anxiety. For me, my foundation is exercise, if I am missing that I’m all out of wack. Anything from HIIT training to yoga will do the trick, again consistency is the key. But I have also started a journey in mastering my mental wellbeing through mediation. I have zero affiliation with the theological side of it, what I really appreciate is the teachings of mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, letting go of judgments and more!

One of my favorite and inspiring mental wellbeing quotes is: “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” — Buddha

I first got into meditation through yoga, just through the little bit they do at the end of a practice. I really noticed how relaxed I felt and how it really helped slow down my racing mind or as some like to call it the ‘monkey mind’ because it’s jumping all over the place. I decided to start meditation but didn’t know where or how, so I turned to YouTube. I found some great guided meditation by Alan Watts and The Honest Guys and started to listen to mediations before bed. I’d never slept better! I have also more recently used the app called Headspace which also teaches your how to practice mediation. I also did some private lessons with Allie from Widespread Wellness, her kind and personalized teachings really help me take it too a new level of confidence and benefit. Check out her website and services here.

They say laughter is the best medicine...

While mediation rarely feels comfortable, easy or like I’m “doing it right” I almost immediately see the benefits. That’s another thing I have learned in my journey to mental wellbeing, there is no right way, just your way, it’s the effort that counts and the intent to let the mind be at ease that makes all the difference. The bottom line is just starting a practice of mental wellbeing is the hardest part, so that is all you need to do, find a practice that resonates with you, then get started, no more excuses! Good luck!

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