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What is causing
my migraines?

Many mainstream approaches to the treatment of migraines focus heavily on symptom suppression and triggers, and rarely traced to the root cause of the problem, which means management at best in terms of long-term outcomes. 
Migraines can be categorized in several different ways:
  • with or without aura
  • Chronic or episodic
  • with or without a headache
  • and other differentiations
 Common symptoms across the entire migraine categorizations: ​
  • throbbing, pulsating pain
  • light sensitivity
  • sound sensitivity
  • nausea
  • pain on one side
  • vision changes, blurred vision
While the symptomatic-focused approach can provide relief, they do not focus on the physiological factors that actual cause the symptoms, leaving the root cause untouched. 
Triggers vs. Root Cause
Triggers are environmental factors or changes that cause migraines to start or worse. It is important to distinguish the difference between root causes and triggers. 
Some common triggers include:
  • Hormonal changes
  • weather changes
  • emotional stress
  • bright lights
  • specific food triggers
  • physical strain
  • caffeine
  • alcohol and others
Unlike triggers, the underlying root cause or causes are always present, just aggravated by certain triggers to cause the symptoms of migraines. Upper cervical chiropractic care focuses on causing the root cause of migraines. 
The brainstem sits in the lowest part of the skull and in the craniocervical junction, which are the joints between the skull and the uppermost neck vertebra(bone). With gentle and specific adjustments to the top bones in your spine, patients have increased blood flow to the brain, optimized cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) flow, and decreased spinal cord tension. 

Dr. Norris has been providing NUCCA Upper Cervical Corrective Care as a safe and effective treatment for vertigo, Meniere's disease, and dizziness relief for people in Broomfield, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, and Boulder, Colorado areas. 

Let us help you make your need for neck pain relief a thing of the past!

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