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Application for the Solopreneur Grant

How to Apply:

Create a 2 min* video answering these 3 questions.

*Any video over 2 minutes will automatically be disqualified.


Why did you start your business?


What would it mean to you if you received this grant?


How would you use the money to impact your community?


Submit all videos** to Dr. Norris Golberg at

 **we will be sharing the videos on social media to promote your business



Being Solopeneurs ourselves we are very aware of how the COVID -19 crisis has affected small businesses in our community.  While there have been grants and SBA loans, many of the single operation businesses have been overlooked and been left in the dust.

This has been our inspiration

Being a small business is not easy, yet as entrepreneurs, we often say "we feel blessed to be stressed" and it's true! But it certainly not the easiest career path to take and a crisis like we are having can, unfortunately, derail or even close businesses. Businesses that we all know and love!

We want to help!

Dr. Alison and Dr. Norris consider themselves fortunate as Chiropractors because it is an essential service. However many people like massage therapists, hairstylists, and personal trainers are self-employed and forced to completely shut down with no options to adapt to an online business. These are the people we want to help!

"How do I win?"

Simple, make a video that answers the three questions above and is under 2 minutes long. We will share it on social media and the community will judge. The more likes, comments, and shares the video gets the better chance at winning!

Still, have questions? Email us and we will help you out.

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