Michele's health is back in her control!

Michele has struggled with chronic health issues her whole life. Most doctors had written her off, but not Dr. Norris. By getting the nervous system to function better, and the body to heal better, Michelle has noticed life-changing improvements!

Tovah's Migraine Success Story

Tovah had been to other chiropractors, but none with the same approach as Dr. Norris. The unique approach proved to make a big difference!

Mecy's eye UNCROSSED!

Mecy was really struggling with double vision and dizziness, which was affecting her health and she had lost her job as well...things were not headed in the right direction for this young woman. 

Arlena's Story

Arlena knows age is just a number and she's got plenty left in the tank. She came in for wellness and is feeling better than ever!

Darrell's Story

Darrell loves nothing more then doing endurance cross country mountain bike racing. However his body was holding him back from his best. After starting care he is breaking new records!

Paul's Story

Paul had seen it all. After several different chiropractors, he's found the one!

Dave's Story

Dave was facing what he thought was his only option, surgery...all he wanted was a better quality of  life...

Margaret's Story

Margaret has had several bad car accident in the past and has sever degeneration and arthritis in her neck. Her "normal" neck pain and headaches are almost completely gone meaning she is taking less medication!

No more headaches and migraines after years!

Grace had seen several doctors, no one could find the cause of her chronic daily headaches, frequent migraines, and constant neck pain. Grace told us after recording this video that she had almost given up on life before she found us!